I'm an entrepreneur with a passion for building new businesses. I was recently VP and General Manager of Software Products at Rightworks, formerly Right Networks, after the acquisition of Tally Street. I founded Tally Street in 2019 to provide accountants and small and medium businesses the customer analytics they need to build more successful companies. The inspiration for Tally Street came from my previous experiences building data analytics and engagement solutions for large enterprises and then starting a small craft spirits liquor distributor. I remain active as an angel investor and a mentor in Venture Lane Studio and Northeastern University's McCarthy(s) Venture Mentoring Network, and I advise and help startups where I can.

More personally, I researched my branch of the Suthoff family and built a family tree that goes back to my ancestors' arrival in Missouri between 1837 and 1844. Please contact me if you have more information or questions. 

Current and Recent Ventures

Something new... we're still in the early validation stages.

Tally Street was founded in 2019 to help small and mid-sized businesses keep and grow their customers. SMBs have lacked access to the types of customer analytics that large enterprises use to boost customer retention, discover sales opportunities, and manage customer risk. Tally Street automatically and directly integrates with accounting systems to generate insights from sales and payment transactions. In 2021, Tally Street was acquired by Rightworks (formerly Right Networks).

Hub Beverage was founded in 2016 as the first liquor distribution company in Massachusetts to focus exclusively on craft spirits, and the only one to combine traditional liquor distribution with modern marketing technologies and business development. In just three years, Hub Beverage brought over 40 products from 14 distilleries to over 200 customers in MA. After selling the liquor distribution business in 2019, Hub Beverage now provides advice, resources and services to both brands and cocktail enthusiasts.

Localytics was founded to give mobile app publishers the insights and tools they need to improve their acquisition, engagement, growth, and retention of users. As co-founder, I built the foundation for many functional areas, including business development, product management, sales, and marketing, and led the development of strategic partners and alliances. Localytics was acquired by Upland Software in 2020.

Contact Me

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