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Emigration from Germany to Missouri, USA

Stephan Suthoff or Sudhof (1802-abt 1865) was probably born in the Bishopric of Paderborn, Westphalia (Westfalen), Germany (then Prussia) in about 1802. Stephan married Anna Catharina Fenerman (1814-abt 1860), also born in Prussia. No record of their emigration has been found -- at least not yet! But based on US Census data and migration trends of the time, it's thought they left Bremen around 1840.

Stephan and Anna had three children. Their first child, Bernhard (1837) was also born in Prussia. Then, sometime between 1837 and 1844, the family emigrated to Missouri and had two more children, Stephen (1844) and Joseph (1851). 

The US Federal Census of 1850 records a Suthoff family living in the Linn Township of Osage County in Missouri, USA. Stephen is listed as Francis (middle name?) with his wife Catherine and sons Bernhard (1837, listed on the prior page) and Joseph (1844). 

By the 1860 Census, Stephan's third son, also named Stephen, was born, and Stephan became a landowner. The 120 acres were bought by Stephen in 1857 according to the provisions of the Act of Congress of the 24th of April, 1820 for the sale of public lands and recorded in a US land patent. The land is located about 3.4 miles east of St Thomas, MO, along Profits Creek Road (Lat: 38°21'59.44"N Long:  92°10'28.68"W). In 1860 the land was valued at $400 (about $9,800 adjusted to 2009 dollars).

The trunk that Stephan Suthoff / Sudhoff brought with him when emigrating from Germany is still in the family today!

Stephan (48 years old and listed as Francis for unknown reason), Catherine (37 years old), and Joseph (2 years old) are listed on Page 478a of the US Federal Census for Osage, Missouri, in 1850. Bernhard is recorded as being 12 years old on page 468b of the same census.

Bernhard Suthoff

By the 1870 Census, only Bernhard (1837-1912) and Stephen (1851-1908) were included in the census. Stephen, Anna Catharina and Joseph are presumed dead. The land from 1857 is also presumed sold or lost as the 1870 census mentions no real estate holdings. 

It's not known how the family was impacted by the Civil War, but both Bernhard and John did serve in the Union forces. Bernhard is recorded as having served as a private in the Minor Civil Division of Jackson Township, Osage County, but the company and regiment are unknown.

The last record found referring to Joseph was a warrant for $100 issued to him on October 15, 1864, for his service for the Union in the Cole County Home Guards Regiment in the Civil War.

In 1877, Bernhard married Christina Adrian Hammelback. Christina was previously married to Theodore Adrian (see page 7 of the 1870 census) but was apparently widowed. 

By the 1880 Census, Bernhard's family had grown and included five stepchildren: a daughter named Mary (1879), a son named John (1880), and his brother Stephen.

In the 1900 Census (we are still searching records from 1890), Bernhard, his children Mary (Maria) and John, and his brother Stephen are still together and living in Osage County. Bernhard's wife, Christina, is presumed to have died.

John Suthoff

There were many changes by the 1910 Census. John Suthoff married Agnes Wankum on May 12, 1903 and had their first two children, Mary Catherine and Anna Marie. At the age of 72, Bernhard is still living with the family, but John has become the head of the household. 

The family also moved (probably) just a few miles, from somewhere in Osage County to the current Suthoff Osage River Farm in Cole County - a Missouri Century Farm. 

John and Agnes eventually had 10 children, seven of whom survived long into adulthood. The Suthoffs and many Luebberings, Hoelschers, Bruemmers, Stropes, and others trace their ancestry to this third generation.

More to come...  ?

There are 591 people on the Suthoff Family Chart (last updated 12 Dec 2008) - 413 direct descendants of Stephan and Anna Catharina Suthoff.

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